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Kris Vicious
14 September 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Where the hell have I been?!

I've been in school or working constantly. I haven't worked in a week though because my job is fucking gay and I just hate that place this week and that's the end of that rant. I work at Journeys, by the way. I'm not sure if I ever posted that or not, haha. School is going good. I like almost all of my classes. It's actually fun this year. I see a lot more people too so that's nice. I have a shitload of projects and I've been so busy.

I'm working on a new layout as we speak and a lot of new icons. Maybe someday I'll actually post all of the one's I've made, but probably not because I'm lazy :) I'll try to keep up with this more!

OH! FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE, MY FRIENDS =D Indy wins! Giants win! And I'm currently waiting/hoping San Diego wins big here too! I can't believe that loss Buffalo just had to New England! If you watched the game, you know what I'm talking about. I love how Tom Brady is SUCH a gorgeous asshole. I hate him, but he looks mighty fine in that red jersey! Anyway, he was like running from the interviewer and then told her he couldn't understand her. If I were that lady, I would've been like, "Well, if you weren't such a fucking prick, you could stop and chat for a minute!" Hahaha

AND! Season 6 of House starts next week! I have class until 9, but thank goodness for DVR! I'm so excited! I'm also addicted to Dexter now.
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Kris Vicious
08 August 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, but I really have to leave now.

I just want everyone to know, yesterday at Training Camp was probably one of the best days of my life =]

And it's all because of this:

Hahahaha, there IS a story behind it. I have met Mr. Kevin Boss before. However, this was a unique experience =]

Stay tuned!
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Kris Vicious
15 July 2009 @ 11:13 pm
I'm so bored. I have nothing to update about!

I saved 257 pictures of Bradley Cooper while watching The Dark Knight with Steph the other night. It was intense. The collection is now ENORMOUS and insane.

Sad that that is all I have to say right now, hahaha.

Happy 11th Months, Jeffrey Dean! I love you! <3
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Kris Vicious
08 July 2009 @ 02:14 am
As all of you know by now I'm sure, Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009. I couldn't believe it. I was in a guitar store, getting ready to leave to go see Transformers 2 with my boyfriend and his nephew when we heard. I didn't know what to think. I was certainly not a die hard fan, or even a very big fan, but I loved a lot of his music, his hits, his videos. We all knew and loved them. My brother and I would listen to the History hits album all the time when we were younger, and I remember cleaning the house with my friend Amanda while listening to our favorites: Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, and one of the greatest songs ever written, Man In The Mirror. It's a very tragic thing and my prayers are with his family for sure. Today, I watched the entire Memorial service. Usher's performance of "Gone Too Soon" really hit home for me. I cried, like a baby. I remember seeing the music video when I was younger, and I saw it the morning after his death, and it's hard to believe back then he was singing about this young man who died of HIV at the age of 19 I think, and now we're singing this song to Michael Jackson. It's just sad. The whole world is grieving over the loss of an amazing person, the King of Pop. It's time to really forget all of the bullshit, once and for all... forget the alleged child molestation and abuse, and the change in looks, and leave his family alone, especially his children. I truly think he was simply a caring human being. He sang about peace and equality when nobody really believed it would happen. His songs made you want to change things about yourself to be a better person. When Paris came up on stage and said: Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him — so much." I didn't even know what to think. I still don't know what I'll do when that time comes for me to part with someone who means that much to me. I can only imagine what they're all going through.

On a lighter note, I saw Styx last Thursday with Steph for the third time! It was amazing! We had spectacular seats! 38 Special and REO Speedwagon were great aswell, but Styx steals every show. They are just so good. I can't wait until they come back again. I also saw Poison and Def Leppard two weeks ago. Incredible show! Seeing C.C. Deville in person was INSANE. And seeing Bret Michaels back with the band was awesome too.

Jeff's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him! Our one year anniversary is soon after that. I think I have a good idea for that present, but birthday presents just aren't my thing unless the person tells me exactly what they want. That's so boring though!

Ugh, I'm trying to get over this cold right now. I've had a cough and stuffy nose since Saturday. I'm over it.
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Kris Vicious
23 June 2009 @ 01:23 pm
I'm at my boyfriend's house waiting for him to get out of work, and I'm bored. So, why not update?

I slept for 12 hours last night. It was incredible, haha. This morning when I woke up with Jeff before he left for work, I didn't think I'd be able to fall asleep, but luckily, I soon did and ugh, I love my life! I feel so good now. It's gorgeous outside. I've been invited to the beach, but I can't go because Jeff and I already have plans, but I wish I could go until he gets out of work, haha. I have to babysit my nephew for a while tomorrow morning and then Lauren and I might go up, so that'll be fun, I guess. I haven't seen her in a long time. I really want to go to Water Safariii. Let's do it. Anyone?

Amanda, Steph, and I had Bradley Cooper movie night last Saturday. It was a blast. Ever since seeing The Hangover 12 times combined, we all fell in love with that man. It's the first celebrity all three of us have thought was gorgeous at the same time, ahaha. We're insane. We all have seen practically all of his movies, but never realized he's totally cute. So anyway, we watched The Midnight Meat Train which was... interesting, to say the least. I liked it, but I don't know. The eyeball ripping out thing just doesn't do it for me. Next up, Yes, Man. I didn't really like this movie the first time I watched it. I thought it was funny, but I don't know, not hilarious. I watched it with my brother a while ago and loved it, and then, this weekend, I loved it even more, ahaha. After that, we watched He's Just Not That In To You. It was okay. It would have been a lot better movie if that annoying Ginnifer girl's character wasn't in the movie, even though she was practically the star. Her character made me want to stop being a girl. And I hate Scarlett Johannson and it makes me angry that Bradley's character cheated on his wife with her. I seriously don't understand what is so gorgeous about her. Can someone please explain? I guess I'm just a fan of the more down-to-earth, normal looking women in Hollywood.

I'm watching Degrassi: The Next Generation, as I do every time I stay at Jeff's while he is at work because it's all that's ever on during the day, and this show is ridiculous but I love it. Everyone is so crazy. If high school was really like this, the world would be a lot more fucked up. Manny annoys the shit out of me, btw. Although I love when she's mean to people, it's funny.

Ugh, time is going by slow. I need something to do!
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